Greater hitting power and maintained control. Attacking game.
Pin High Swing Dry Garments are engineered from the ground up using extensive R&D to offer golfers specific designs and Fabrics that provide non-restrictive muscle movement, which allows for greater freedom of movement while swinging.
Accurate and Maneuverable, Defensive Game.
Pin High folding bag very useful for carrying your golf equipment, with light weight material and modern look 
Head light and maneuverable defensive game.
Modern light weight Shoe Bag with breathable mesh for better airflow to get rid of odor and keep shoe dry
The Pulsion 105 offers both power and maneuverability.
- Moisture Management System - Body Temperature Control (UVA/UVB 45+)
When you start playing badminton, you need a comfortable shoe that not only provides good support and cushioning but also excellent stability due to the game's rigorous demands
- Moisture Management System - Body Temperature Control (UVA/UVB 45+)
The High-performance shoe for competitive players
A golf brand which provides Technical Innovation, Premium Fabrics, functional designs and the commitment to being the best in Golf Apparel, this brand is PIN HIGH.